OLZ AG was founded in 2001 by a professor and two assistants from the University of Bern. The name OLZ was formed from the surnames of the three founding partners: Carmine Orlacchio, Prof. Dr. Claudio Loderer and Pius Zgraggen.

The goal of our investment philosophy is Efficient Investing. The cornerstones are: asset management without conflicts of interest, a scientifically sound investment concept and transparent and fair costs.

OLZ manages assets for institutional investors and private clients.

OLZ is managed by partners, ensuring stability and continuity. Our team is headquartered in Bern with offices in Zurich. Since 2007, OLZ has been authorised by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA as asset managers of collective investments.

Our subsidiaries are: OLZ Wealth Management AG in Liechtenstein and OLZ Wealth Management PTE LTD in Singapore.

OLZ fosters an open and innovative corporate culture. Our team and our research network’s know-how and creativity contribute to the development of investment solutions. We constantly strive to create added value for our clients through innovation and findings in financial market research.

OLZ is a founding member of the Alliance of Swiss Wealth Managers.

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