Financial Consulting

Sparring partner for investment and financing questions

OLZ partners and associates have many years’ experience in writing reports, supervising financial projects and in long-term wealth planning.

 We support you:

  •  as sparring partner for potential investments and to avoid bad investments
  • in drafting a strategy for your total wealth - for example, structuring family assets (also intergenerational)
  • in your investment strategy review and preparation of alternative proposals
  • in the concrete implementation of your investment strategy
  • in financing questions (e.g. property) as well as in obtaining and evaluating offers
  • in your financial and pension planning
  • as sparring partner in transition to retirement

OLZ financial consulting is a service tailored to your specific needs

The field of finance is extensive. Investors are repeatedly exposed to the temptation of high-yield investments. OLZ supports you in assessing opportunities, analysing their risks, returns and tradability and thus avoiding mistakes.