Retirement Savings

The higher return potential of equities and the typically longer term investment horizon of pension plans are ideal for a securities-based investment solution. A FINMA (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority) regulated asset manager, OLZ offers securities solutions for the second pillar (vested benefits and 1e plan) and the third pillar.

Why OLZ pension solutions are attractive:

- Long-term asset growth through investment in OLZ minimum variance funds
- Transparent and relatively good value pension solution
- Tax savings: Payments reduce taxable income

OLZ pension solutions invest exclusively in investments which also compensate the risk incurred. For this reason, the risks associated with bonds (credit risks, foreign currency risks, interest rate risks) are minimised and the equity ratio increased accordingly. In addition, OLZ calculates the weighting of individual equities in such a way that the risk is minimised (minimum variance approach).


OLZ Smart Invest 65 ESG pension fund for vested benefits capital and pillar 3a

OLZ Smart Invest 65 is a pension fund for vested benefits capital and pillar 3a pension capital which is implemented by investing in efficient OLZ minimum variance funds. The comparatively high equity component of 65% reflects the typically long-term investment horizon of pension capital and significantly increases the return potential compared to traditional pension solutions. Despite the equity component of 65%, the fund can be viewed as a balanced strategy (according to Pictet BVG 40 Index) thanks to risk-optimised implementation.

The OLZ Smart Invest 65 pension fund is available from the following partners:

Banks in the area of Berne and Solothurn

  • AEK BANK 1826
  • Bank EKI Genossenschaft
  • Bank SLM AG
  • BBO Bank Brienz Oberhasli AG
  • DC Bank
  • Regiobank Solothurn AG
  • SB Saanen Bank AG
  • Spar + Leihkasse Gürbetal AG
  • Spar + Leihkasse Riggisberg AG
  • Lienhardt & Partner Investments AG

Banks in Zurich and northeast Switzerland

  • Alpha RHEINTAL Bank AG
  • Bank BSU Genossenschaft
  • Bank Sparhafen Zürich
  • BS Bank Schaffhausen AG
  • Ersparniskasse Schaffhausen AG
  • Lienhardt & Partner Privatbank Zürich AG

Foundations for pension solutions

  • Liberty 3a Vorsorgestiftung
  • Liberty Freizügigkeitsstiftung
  • Liberty 1e Flex Investstiftung

Further information can be found here.


OLZ mandate solution for 1e plan (2nd pillar)

Insured persons who can benefit from pension plan 1e are those with a salary of more than CHF 127,980 and up to CHF 853,200, in particular senior management and executive employees, but also self-employed professional persons such as lawyers, doctors, management consultants or trustees. This individual, supplementary pension solution makes it possible to invest the pension capital according to the individual risk profile. Depending on the risk profile, OLZ offers various investment strategies with equity quotas of 0 - 55%.

More information about our pension solutions can be found here.